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On this page I list all the changes and bugfixes of my project. The first entry may display the planned modifications of the next revision.

0.53.39 05.04.13
New: Multiselect is now working. Ctrl+A will select all, Ctrl+Shift+I inverts the selection. Del will delete the selection.
Fix: Cut-Operations Hotkeys (Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Alt+X) now work.
Fix: Re-Routes / Download: Base was not applied the right way under some circumstances. This should be fixed now. (Bug since 0.53.0032)
Fix: Free Download Manager Re-Route: FDM opened each time webcow started.
0.53.34 05.04.10
New: ReRoute: Free Download Manager (FDM) now supported
New: Parser improvements.
0.53.32 05.04.09
New: Re-Use: Gets the selected Listentry and parses it.
New: src='' Parser: Now checks for values='', too, to takeover the same results for activex plugins as netscape plugins.
New: Apply Filtercowpad Button: By pressing the new Filter Button, current FilterCowPad's filter will be applied. There is no need to open the FilterCowPad for this anymore.
Pressing the Shift Key while using the Button will Reset the List, Ctrl will toggle FilterCowPad's visibility (don't know why exactly I made this).
New: List can be sorted now (Menu: List->Sort)
Fix: mms:// and callto:// now recorgnized as links, applying base here should make no problems anymore.
Fix: Netengine: filenaming based on headers now more "stable".
Fix: URLs starting with "/" and Base were not concated correctly. This is hopefully fixed now.
Fix: Preferences Dialog: List: Expanding a section makes more fun now, it's scrolled to a better position automatically.
0.53.27 04.04.12
New: ReRoute: Net Transport ( now supported
New: File Protocol: Windows Shell .LNK now treated as shortcuts.
New: ReRoute: WackGet 1.2.2 now supported.
New: FilterCowPad: Auto Hide option created. While starting the download, FilterCowPad will be automatically hidden.
New: Auto Close: Ignore Errors option created. Even if download errors occur, webcow will automatically close afterwards.
0.53.21 04.03.15
Fix: Using file:// protocol everytime.
0.53.20 04.03.15
New: Download Directory Toolbar - Type in the folder you want to save to by keyboard. Incl. filesystem based auto-complete and visual feedback if a folder already exists or not (not existing folders will be created automatically on download)
To en-/ disable use the menue: View -> Toolbar -> Download Directory
New: Download Directory History - Automatically saves the History of used Folders to download to (integrated into Download Directory Toolbar)
Fix: file:// protocol: Can now browse a computer (file://computer/)
Fix: file:// protocol: Handles now network pathes (file://computer/...)
Fix: Auto close: Fix on closing if no links were available (accidental click).
0.53.18 04.03.14
Fix: 'wild src=' Scan fixed.
0.53.17 04.03.14
New: Auto close after succesfull download:
You now can enable the 'Auto close' feature in Preferences -> Automation to let webcow automatically close when a download finishes with no errors. That'll help to keep your desktop and memory clear in heavy sessions.
New: Pseudo makros (extra menu)
New: Fuzzy logic on paste (wether it's a list or a single link)
Improved: Listmenue
Fix: Miscalleneous improvements
Ups, some revisions are lost!
0.52.83 02.07.25
Fix: Win2K list vertical scrollbar fixed.
Fix: WinXP trayicon restore and menu fixed.
0.52.82 02.07.25
Improvement: Http Status Codes now displayed if the file is not requested successfully.
New: All urls in the log can now be set into webcows list.
New: Overwrite-Dialog displays now the file-size. You can also select an option to overwrite only smaller files.
New: File-Type filter. This is easier to config and re-use then the Pre- & Suf-fix one.
Improvement: Import Clipboard works now parsemethod independent.
Fix: Entities in (x)html values are now parsed (& bug)
0.52.79 02.06.24
New: Netvampire can be used to Re-Route to.
New: All URLs can now be copied out of the log window to get a list of failed downloads to work further on with.
Improvements: Little but nice improvements in various parts of the app: Export HTML, Numeric values in Preferences are now calculated: you can enter 10MB instead of the value in bytes for example, and much more stuff I can't remember.
Fix: Doubling of '@' symbol on some urls.
Fix: Link Info Dialog: Apply will now work.
0.52.74 02.05.29
Fix: Referer bug since version ????.
0.52.73 02.05.11
Fix: version 0.52.72 only bug in file saving: Error messages in log: unable to create file (no filename).
0.52.72 02.05.11
Fix: Intellitamper Map File import now works.
Fix: 'Use webcow on Selection' (IE) fixed for one link only.
Fix: Minimize to tray: Pops now up after left-click (no dblclk anymore) and is activated.
Fix: Auto Re-Route after LNL did ever used DAP, this is fixed now.
Fix: Some other Minor bugs.
Improved: List Menu with a more convient short-cuts and an easter egg.
Improved: Minor menu improvements.
Bug: Error messages in log: unable to create file (no filename). Fixed in 0.52.73
0.52.65 02.05.08
Improved: Re-Routing. Added a Bunch of DLers. Description of this function in detail will be posted till the end of the week.
New: Import of Intellitamper Map File.
Fix: Minor bugs.
Bug: Problems importing some Intellitamper Map Files, webcow crashes. Fixed in 0.52.72
0.52.64 02.05.04
Introducin: Re-Routing. It started last version with WC2DAP and is now extended with wackget. A complete menu for this is added and it can be easily setup in preferences dialog.
New: WC2WACKGET. Re-Route until midnight. Wackget hast to be installed and running.
Improved: LNL Technology now under 'Use webcow on this Selection" in IE right-click menu.
Fix: IE Integration for Version 6 fixed
0.52.63 02.04.30
Introducin: Downloading got even better cauz webcow got even better. This version comes with a world-premiere. The new and improved LNL-Technology none of the existing download manager are able to do that. Read further.
New: LNL - Light and Leech - Just highlight the area on a page you wanna grab, right-click and 'Use webcow on this page' - and voilá: all marked links are listed in webcow. Isn't that amazing ?! - Either you mark 1 or 1000 line(s), it doesn't matter. Webcow creates a list of the files/images you marked only. (IE integration)
New: WC2DAP - Export Webcow List to Download Accelerator (DAP) - just use the Extra-Menu and export your list to the DAP immeditaly. Use Autoclose after Re-Route feature in Settings to maximize download capabilities.
Fix: IE Integration for win2k and some other systems are now working without a glitch.
Fix: Color Sheme Bugs fixed. Hope all are out now.
0.52.60 02.04.03
New: Find and Replace: This new Filter is a multi-tool ! Think you'll like it.
Fix: Update Check did not work any more. This is fixed.
0.52.59 02.02.19
New: Export HTML File: This completes Import/Export of HTML files. Use any direction you like.
New: Import Clipboard: File -> Import Clipboard will import any text from Clipboard and parse it.
Introducin: Webcow can now Import/Export any way round, put and get Links from Clipboard into List and vice versa. Check out and parse until midnight !
New: Parse Option: Wild http:// in Plain Text (use in conjunction with new Import Clipboard function)
New: Parse enhanced (gen.): Parsing got even better. I hope this is compatible. If not, mail immediatly.
New: Info Dialog (List Entry): Hope you like this all feature on this Entry style...
Fix: Filtercowpad: Cleanup Filter is now saved *100%*.
Fix: Some other minor bugs were fixed.
Fix: Distro: The missed wcie.dll. This is not missing again in this Version (The .dll did not even changed. If the latest version is not working, just overwrite webcow.exe only)
New: Import HTML File: Import any HTML file from disk and parse it. Part 1/2, list export as html will follow soon.
New: Filtercowpad: Status while Filtering in progress.
New: Filtercowpad: Stopping while applying Filter(s).
Fix: Filtercowpad: Cleanup Filter is now saved.
Fix: Filtercowpad: Filterselection is now saved in default filter. automatic filtering is now possible again.
Changed: The app is now a little smaller because the Versioncheck has been moved into the About/Preferences Dialog. Press F11 or F1 and then 'Check'.
Fix: Tooltip on Savedir had a bug not showing the right path when selecting from Favorite Menu. This is fixed now.
Fix: Rebuild Directory Structure Saving had bugs in Creating all the Dirs. This seems to be fixed now.
New: Savedir Favorites. Check them out!
New: You can now disable the Question: 'do you really want to quit webcow'.
Fix: Webcow did not pop up if you selected the entry. This is fixed now. Read all about it.
Fix: Exiting the App while downloading generated an error. This is fixed now.
New: Minimize to Tray.
New: Integration into Internet Explorers Right-Button Context Menu.
New: Graphical Download Status (just looks better).
New: Transfer Rate - Now you can take a little look how fast the data flows.
Fix: Filter:Cleanup - the .DotEnding Remove filter had a Bug
Fix: Scanner - again a bug was killed.
New: Cleanup-Filter in the FilterCowPad.
New: FilterCowPad Re-Design.
New: Fileinfo - simply press Enter in List or use RMB.
New: Transfer Rate - Now you can take a little look how fast the data flows.
Fix: Colorsheme - Preferences Dialog was bogus with tweaky shemes as all the people like them ;).
Fix: Scanner - works much better but still has an Error. I'll fix this soon.
New: Automation - Clipboard Monitor extended.
Fix: Scanner - Getting Links relative to Server Root ('/') had bugs. Fixed now.
New: Proxy - Choose between Internet Settings or your Webcow Personal Setting.
Imp: Preferences - Net Engine Tab now avaible with all default Net Settings.
Imp: Scanner - New Option. Scanner can take now all Links over to Webcows' List, even non Scanner Filter matching ones.
Fix: Monitor Clipboard ignores Settings Bug fixed.
New: Scanner - don't get only one page, just scan complete servers with depth or without, recursive webcow-list scanning and much more.
New: Clipboard Monitor in Automation Options (in Preferences - Automation)
Bug: Clipboard Monitor ignores Settings
New: 2 new filenaming modes added: Server-Dir + Short and Rebuild Direcotry Structure
Fix: Parsing Error fixed (now really all links are taken)
Improve: Parsing for Images has been Improved (now taking page & table backgrounds)
Fix: If a file did not match Download settings, it was skipped. All following files then timed out. This has been fixed.
Fix: If a file already existed and was skipped (in overwrite dialog or by default), all following files then timed out. This has been fixed.
New: Automation Options (in Preferences - Settings) with visual Feedback
New: Default Filter (in FilterCowPad Save & Read)
New: Preferences Dialog (F4)
New: Log Window (F7) with more details on Errors and a better way to work.
Improve: Filename Generator (F9)
Improve: Many improvments done.
Fix: Minor bugs have been removed.
Improve: Filename Generator (F9) and Filtercowpad
New: View source of html (CTRL-U)
Fix: If the URL-texbox wasn't used, an error ocurred with a message that there is no more information about the error. This has been fixed.
Fix: While downloading a list and pressing enter in the URL-textbox, the list was overridden with new links. This has been fixed.
Fix: Minor bugs have been removed.
New: Filename-Generator
New: Download save dir
New: Download filename option (complete or filename only)
New: Download now with start, pause and stop
Improved: Update check without php - works now much better
New: Webcow.ini - Settings will be stored
Improved: List options and *new* Link option. All available through the List-menu or right mouse button on the list.
New: The OneWildcard* filter has been implented on the redesigned FilterCowPad.
New: Clear all textboxes / lists of webcow.
New: List copy / paste / append / apply base options available now.
Improve: Some smaller improvements were done.
Fix: The |-> (build base) button is now fixed and placed on the filtercowpad too.
New & Fix: Overwrite warning while downloading. This includes a rename, delete old & retry dialog.
Improve: While the 'tmp' subfolder is used, an existance check is implented and it will be created if it does not exists.
Improve: Check for new version was a little buggy. It's now 99% fixed.
New: Open current url in browser - If you closed your browser, this is very usefull.
New: Check for new version - Automated update check - is there a new version available?
Fix: 'Datei nicht gefunden' Error - If the link in the list started with http:// or ftp:// then an error occured if you started the download. This is fixed now.
Fix: Starting Error - On some systems there occured an error while starting the app. This was on older activex not used any more but still referenced. This has been fixed. Webcow does not uses any activex components at this time and I don't want to include any of these components in future.

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