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(Favorite) Directories - Webcow Savedir Guide

(Favorite) Directories - Webcow Savedir Guide

One of webcows' main tasks is to save files to disk. For this, webcow utilizes a so called Savedir all files will be stored in.
On the very first webcow startup there will be a message that a folder named tmp was created in the directory webcow was copied to. This is the very first download folder for an easy On-the-Fly use of webcow.
It's clear that a user wants to setup his own directory where to save the files in. As I know, everybody is first pushing the play button even if it's often the last one to click. Right next to it there is another button with a folder icon on it, which opens a dialog to browse for a folder.

Savedir Button

Savedir Tooltip
If you want to know where your current Savedir is, you could either press the button or just read the Tooltip which pops up if you move the mouse over it:

Not at all enough handy, webcow has a list of folders you can setup as so called Favorites. This has nothing to do with Windows or IE Favorites, these are yours. You can set them up in Preferences as I will show later. But now, if you press the right Mousebutton on the Folder Button, you'll get the Savedir Menu, where your Favorites will be placed. So you can select your Savedir with ease.

Savedir Menu

Select the Default, your Favorite (if you got some) or just press Edit Favorites to let the Preferences Dialog pop up:

Savedir / Favorites Preferences

In the upper Editbox the current Savedir will be displayed. You can change it by hand or by pressing the Button to it's right ('...'). This one works exactly like the Folder Button.
By pressing the 'Add'-Button you can add the actual Folder to your Favorite List.
Selecting an Entry in it and pressing 'Delete' will remove it - as you might thought.

These are nearly all the Savedir Features you've got to know, other will follow.

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