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Support / Documentation
Because I write webcow in my spare freetime, I don't have that much time to write a complete documentation. I think the best way to use webcow is to read the following documents: 1. documentation 2. functions in detail. To make urgent things better: send me feedback via email if something is really messed up.

Webcow Documentation
Everybody writes about it and yes - there is not that much documentation about webcow. The old tutorial was about 2 years old with outdated screenshots, so here is the new documentation with an updated tutorial and some more in depth information.

Webcow Functions in Detail
These are like small mini-tuts here. You'll get brief information and pictures how things work and look like.

Webcow FAQ
Sorry, FAQ is not avaible yet. For questions, Improvements and Bugs, please send a mail to Hans Krentel

Webcow Revisions
Revision Informations can be found here. There you'll get brief Information about new Features & Fixes.

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