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Download Directory Toolbar

Download Directory Toolbar

To handle the location where to download to more easily, the Download Directory Toolbar has been added since version 0.53.20

That Toolbar enables you to enter the Download Directory by Keyboard and to Browse a List of recently used Download Directories. Optionally you can use the Browse Dialog, but that feature is not new.

Enabling the Download Directory Toolbar

Per default, the Download Directory Toolbar is not visible. Use the Menu to swich in on (or off later): View -> Toolbar -> Download Directory. The Toolbar will then be visible:

Download Directory Toolbar

Afterwards it is located just right over the Base Textbox and you can use the Combobox to enter your Download Directory. The actual Download Directory is ever displayed in there, too.

Download Directory Toolbar

Now some features: While typing, auto-completition will offer you a list of matching and already existing directories.
A red background color will notify you if the directory does not already exist. Keep in mind, that non-existing directories will be created when you start the download.

Download Directory Toolbar

To activate the history of previous used directories, just press the button of the combobox and a list will be visible. Click on a list-entry or use the standard keys to select an older directory.

That's all for the Download Directory Toolbar.

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