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How to access Sites with username and password

How to access Sites with username and password

Some websites require authentication and if you open such a site with your browser, a dialog-box appears asking you for a username and a password. You enter them and the page is displayed then.

Getting such a page with Webcow, it does not ask you for a username and password but it does support authentication. So how is this done ? It's done with a standard URL of the HTTP Protocol. If you don't know the standard you can read further to get any tweak explained.

An example: If would be password protected with the username 'hans' and password 'krentel' then you can access the page successfully with the following URL: . You can even check this out with your own browser because the browser also has this http standard built in.

The principle is easy: Username and password are devided by a colon ':' and will be added with the at-symbol '@' in front of the server. Alltogether this will result in the following sheme: username:password@server.

Now you can feel like a pro ;-). But what's about a username like an email-adress? This is quite common and would result in the following URL:

But with this address you'll get only error messages. There is a second '@' in front of the server and that's not standarized at all (It's a reserved character). So what's to do? You'll have to replace the '@' sign with it's related escape sequence. The escape sequence for the at-symbol '@' is '%40'. The correct URL now is:

After this little trip into the world of the so called userinfo of an URL you should be able to handle any username and password protected site with webcow and other applications - until you loose your password(s) ;-).

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