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Download Filenaming

Download Filenaming

Webcow gives you the ability to save downloaded Files in a specific convention. Not to to save multiple Files with the same name (The file already exists-Option), there are different naming methods to choose. You can select them in the Preferences Dialog or with a LEFT-mouse-click on the Disk-Button as showed below:

Filenaming Menu

There are four different Methods available:

  • Long naming (complete with server, path & file)
    will be saved as
    download folder\
  • Short naming (filename only)
    will be saved as
    download folder\file.html
    This is webcows' default and often usefull.
  • Server-Dir + Short
    will be saved as
    download folder\\file.html
  • Rebuild Directory Structure
    will be saved as
    download folder\\patha\pathb\file.html
    If the website uses relative Links, you can use the complete Site offline then.

The numbered option is still greyed and if no one requests for it, it won't be implemented. If you've got any more ideas how to handle the filenaming, please let me know so it can be done.

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