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LNL - Light and Leech - Technology

LNL - Light and Leech - Technology

LNL is as easy as copy and paste. And that's it. While surfin the web, you just mark/highlight the region of the page you want to download. Then right-click and select 'use webcow on this page'. This already worked downloading the whole page (see Internet Explorer Context Menu Integration) and is now extended for the highlighted parts. This makes downloading much more effecient.

Part of a Website

Select what you're interested in (text/image/links ...)

Right-Click and choose this webcow entry

After this, Webcow will start and display a list of all the links it's able to find within the highlighted area on the page. Edit the Parse Options (F4 for Prefrences -> Settings or Right-Click on the 'Get'-Button) to fullfil your needs.

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