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webcow plugin
2005.03.06 14:29:15 - winNT / DSL
This nice tool should be available as plug in for integration to Totalcommander (
Up to now there are only two competing plugins called HTTP-Browser (
and SmartBrowserPlugin ( n). Both they are lacking of free file extension setup and a lot of things the webcow can solve.

Simply bovine!
2004.11.15 00:18:40 - winXP / CABLE
As I've said in email to you before, I'm grateful for such a powerful download tool. It was the first one I tried ever, so there was lots for me to learn. The UI was hard to understand for me at first, but it's also very powerful and I'd take powerful over "everything a wizard" any day. While I'm not quite finished, I continue my effort to download THE ENTIRE INTERNET. It will be MINE MINE MINE!!!! I want it ALL, even the ADS!!! MINE MINE MINE!@!!!!

Okay, maybe not that bad, but let's just say I need to do some house cleaning on the hard disk because I'm running ...

A possible improvement to Webcow #2
2004.06.13 20:54:31 - winME / 56k
...before, the filtering options of Webcow are great, but sometimes manually deleting the few links you don't like would be much faster and simplier than setting the proper filters to exclude them. In other circumstances, the links you're interested in downloading may have the same properties (file extension, name structure...) than others you do not want to download: in this event no filter could appply the exclusions you need.
At last, as a secondary benefit, this improvement would make it possible to copy and cut several links (and not the entire list) in a ...

A possible improvement to Webcow
2004.06.13 20:52:38 - winME / 56k
Hello there!
First of a BIG THANKS goes to you for the great app you developed! It's really full of features I didn't find on any other spider/leecher software; the filtering options, especially, are actually excellent.
A little suggestion I'd like you to take into consideration as a possible future improvement to Webcow, however, is to make it possible to select more than one line at the time in the Webcow list of found links. This way it would be quickly and easily possible to manually select (with the SHIFT and CTRL keys) the entries you don't want, and delete them. As mentioned ...

Just great!
2004.04.09 15:33:23 - win9x / DSL
Since the new Version is out, I optimized my Use to get a complete Galery with just one click! Keep up the good work!

2003.11.21 18:10:47 - win2000 / DSL
i realy love it!
it works, no ads, easy to use and it's realy handy.

great work

2003.07.17 16:39:02 - win2000 / DSL
Very nice indeed... after trying several download managers, this one just hit me like a lightning :)
As for Feature request, if possible, add "save to" field just below the "BASE" slot, with a drop down "history" of saved folders... that would make my day :P
thanks again and have good summer ya all 8)

2003.06.25 01:31:30 - winXP / DSL
awesome program you should work on supporting javascript pictures next!!

XP ?
2003.06.22 21:06:04 - winXP / 56k
Hans, Does Webcow bed down with XP please. The write up for V .53.13 shows up to NT

PROXY - nonono
2003.05.27 16:23:32 - winXP / slow
Http Proxy this soft ignore...
i think proxy with user and pass...

PROXY - nonono
2003.05.27 16:16:17 - winXP / slow
Http Proxy this soft ignore...
i think proxy with user and pass...

Keep on top . . .
2003.04.08 10:59:58 - win2000 / ISDN
Great programme!
A useful option would be the ability to keep the Webcow window on top when picking links off a page - just to save having to keep going to the task bar to reactivate the window.

RE; Need to all pages?
2003.03.31 13:30:32 - win2000 / DSL
try the scanner for this.

Need to all pages?
2003.01.22 08:57:33 - winXP / DSL
I've just started to download pictures because I just got DSL. I started using Express WebPictures and stopped using it because I can only get it to download .jpg files. I have noticed that their program can download 60 files by going into 4 pages, but I have to go into each page manually with the "GREAT COW". Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

2003.01.20 14:48:09 - winNT / DSL
1. Can you add a "Close" button to the Filename Generator box (which is activated by F9)? Users have to close this box by clicking on the "X" in the corner!
2. Can you provide a scheduler?

Lisa's Comment
2002.12.16 20:13:40 - winME / DSL
Actually Lisa's Utility page has moved from Brinkstir to

Great job!
2002.12.04 03:40:04 - winXP / 56k
Everyone else has said it before, but I'll say it again. Webcow is a fantastic program and it just gets better and better with every version. Plus it helps me download files that no other program can get. Keep up the excellent work, please!

webcow fan #1
2002.10.01 00:48:16 - win2000 / DSL
yeaaaaaaaaaaah hanskretl did it again!!! damnit man he's the coolest guy on the net. I LOVE YOU. damnit my life was so gray before i found webcow and now everything GROOOOOOOOOVES :-)
i hope you guys tolerate fan hysteric fan comments :-)

2002.09.09 14:29:08 - winXP / ISDN
No installation needed,small,free...
I especially like the filename generator.

Great Program
2002.08.04 11:46:07 - win9x / 56k
Webcow took me a little bit to learn how to use, but now I don't know how I could get through one day without using it. The scanner works great, the program is very stable (ran over 60 hours solid with no problems), and its small. Best free program on the net. And the new recently added filters are great.

One small feature I would like to see added is an option that would make Webcow make a sound when it finished a batch of downloads.

Cool Tool !
2002.06.24 17:04:35 - win2000 / DSL
I use Webcow to handle real large lists. Many of the other Download Managers aren't reliable to download about 10.000 files and Webcow will do overnight with no error. Thanks.

JP's comment
2002.05.24 06:27:27 - win9x / DSL
A very good utility. I like the filename generator fonction but it's download the files 1 to 1. Could you make a bachup of more files at one time ? Because my english is not very good I can't understand the other's function. It will be better that you'll make more screanshoot's in your page. A french user. fixed [by hans]
2002.05.05 22:12:08 - win9x / DSL
this bug described down lo is now fixed in version 0.52.64. every frameset should now work, even these ie can't identify.

The best of the bunch
2002.04.26 07:28:20 - win9x / 56k
This program is able to download files from sites that none of the much more well-known download utilities are able to penetrate. The documentation could benefit from a touchup by a native English speaker, but this program is so good that it's worth investing the time to figure out on your own how to use it.

Nice new filter
2002.04.09 18:56:06 - win9x / DSL
Hi & thanks for the tool I'm now using for about 6 month. The new Filter (Search & Replace) is very nice. Thanks !

a bug?
2002.03.30 23:08:46 - win2000 / BIG
webcow did not work on when i dried to download about 40 pics under it. are the frames confusing the cow?

fast and powerful!
2002.03.01 20:57:56 - winXP / DSL
Great utility! It took me a while to understand that I had to use the scanner seperately once i had gotten a lot of html-files, if I wanted to look for images. But once I understood how this little gem worked, I was very pleased with its performance.

Thanks ! (P)
2002.02.25 14:15:32 - win9x / DSL
Thanks for this nice tool !

It´s so easy !
2002.02.15 20:41:35 - win2000 / DSL
yeah it´s so easy.
nice tool hans.
keep on the good work.

Gerry 's comment
2002.02.15 04:42:31 - win9x / DSL
There is certainly a lot more too it than it at first seems, so I'll have to look at it properly later, but so far I like it! Btw. nice descriptions for the menus etc.

vipe's comment
2002.02.15 04:40:23 - win9x / DSL
Nice app, I like all the features.

2002.02.15 04:27:39 - win9x / DSL
A fantastic utility to auto search a website for links or image files, etc. You can set the filter for a certain type of file or even give it a minimum size and maximum size and turn it loose and it will download all of them that fall into your filter range to your hard drive. I've used Teleport Pro in the past for this but now I'm using this FAST, TINY, FREE program. This 86k program is faster and much less complicated to use. s.html

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