LXIII. SNMP functions

In order to use the SNMP functions on Unix you need to install the UCD SNMP package. On Windows these functions are only available on NT and not on Win95/98.

Important: In order to use the UCD SNMP package, you need to define NO_ZEROLENGTH_COMMUNITY to 1 before compiling it. After configuring UCD SNMP, edit config.h and search for NO_ZEROLENGTH_COMMUNITY. Uncomment the #define line. It should look like this afterwards:


If you see strange segmentation faults in combination with SNMP commands, you did not follow the above instructions. If you do not want to recompile UCD SNMP, you can compile PHP with the --enable-ucd-snmp-hack switch which will work around the misfeature.

Table of Contents
snmpget — Fetch an SNMP object
snmpset — Set an SNMP object
snmpwalk — Fetch all the SNMP objects from an agent
snmpwalkoid — Query for a tree of information about a network entity
snmp_get_quick_print — Fetch the current value of the UCD library's quick_print setting
snmp_set_quick_print — Set the value of quick_print within the UCD SNMP library.