(PHP4 >= 4.0.2)

pfpro_process_raw -- Process a raw transaction with Payflow Pro


string pfpro_process_raw (string parameters [, string address [, int port [, int timeout [, string proxy address [, int proxy port [, string proxy logon [, string proxy password]]]]]]])

Returns: A string containing the response.

pfpro_process_raw() processes a raw transaction string with Payflow Pro. You should really use pfpro_process() instead, as the encoding rules of these transactions are non-standard.

The first parameter in this case is a string containing the raw transaction request. All other parameters are the same as with pfpro_process(). The return value is a string containing the raw response.

Note: Be sure to read the Payflow Pro Developers Guide for full details of the required parameters and encoding rules. You would be well advised to use pfpro_process() instead.

Example 1. Payflow Pro raw example



$response = pfpro_process("USER=mylogin&PWD[5]=m&ndy&TRXTYPE=S&TENDER=C&AMT=1.50&ACCT=4111111111111111&EXPDATE=0904");

if (!$response) {
  die("Couldn't establish link to Verisign.\n");

echo "Verisign raw response was ".$response;