(PHP3 >= 3.0.8, PHP4 )

ifx_getsqlca --  Get the contents of sqlca.sqlerrd[0..5] after a query


array ifx_getsqlca (int result_id)

result_id is a valid result id returned by ifx_query() or ifx_prepare().

Returns a pseudo-row (assiociative array) with sqlca.sqlerrd[0] ... sqlca.sqlerrd[5] after the query associated with result_id.

For inserts, updates and deletes the values returned are those as set by the server after executing the query. This gives access to the number of affected rows and the serial insert value. For SELECTs the values are those saved after the PREPARE statement. This gives access to the *estimated* number of affected rows. The use of this function saves the overhead of executing a "select dbinfo('sqlca.sqlerrdx')" query, as it retrieves the values that were saved by the ifx driver at the appropriate moment.

Example 1. Retrieve Informix sqlca.sqlerrd[x] values

/* assume the first column of 'sometable' is a serial */
$qid = ifx_query("insert into sometable 
                  values (0, '2nd column', 'another column') ", $connid);
if (! $qid) {
    ... error ...
$sqlca = ifx_getsqlca ($qid);
$serial_value = $sqlca["sqlerrd1"];
echo "The serial value of the inserted row is : " . $serial_value<br>\n";